Tuesday's Donovan Live! began with Chris Tye running down the day's top stories on '77 Seconds at 7.' Among the headlines: A major setback for Obamacare users in Ohio, and a day that will forever be remembered.

After a wet winter and spring, forecasters are predicting bad algae blooms in Lake Erie. Photojournalist Carl Bachtel told us when and where to expect the toxic algae to show up.

From incredible deals on flights and deep discounts to make Amazon more affordable, to a very bad week for brick and mortar stores, Danielle Serino gave us the day's top consumer headlines:

There's a festival unlike any other coming up this weekend in Ohio, or really the country! If you make the drive out past Lima you'll come across the Pork Rind Heritage Festival. Chef Lisa Delgado joined Jimmy and Betsy Kling to tell us more.

Cedar Point has dropped another hint, there is a new person to blame for the "Cleveland Curse", and the Clooney kids are here! That's what was trending on 3-on-3 with Jimmy, Chris, and Betsy.

As part of our "Talented Pets in the CLE" search, we introduced Ellie the scrunchie-fetching cat. Keep sending these videos to either the Donovan Live email or our Twitter page.

And Jimmy and Dave "Dino" DeNatale wrapped things up with the Donovan Live! postgame show. We talked more about our experiences with cheap flights, plus is there a veteran wide receiver in the Browns future? Also, thoughts on Game 3 of the NBA Finals, and on D-Day...what's Jimmy's favorite war movie?