A jam-packed Donovan Live! for Tuesday began with Chris Tye's '77 Seconds at 7,' featuring plenty of reaction to President Trump's heated press conference. Dawn Kendrick checked in from Cedar Point, as the LeBron James Family Foundation hosted more than 7,000 students and parents for its 'We Are Family' reunion. Danielle Serino stopped by with Tuesday's edition of 'One for the Money.' featuring news about Amazon, Southwest Airlines, and fixing bad credit marks from medical debt.

She's back! Hollywood gossip queen Lynda Hirsch joined Jimmy to talk about some of the celebrity news making headlines, including Taylor Swift's lawsuit.

Jimmy, Chris, and Betsy Kling were talking names on Tuesday's edition of '3-on-3.' From vanity plates, fantasty football teams, to a name dedicated to Prince! Betsy also had a look at our weather forecast.

A high-flying boxer named Kane was our 'Talented Pet in the CLE' for Tuesday. Kane has practiced his high-flying catches thanks to his K-9 frisbee team that plays in Silver Lake. The team is called "Disc Dogs," and has leagues in Painesville, Brunswick, Akron and Youngstown!

And on a day where LeBron James was one of the many athletes, entertainers, and politicians to speak out against many of the things President Trump said at his press conference, Jimmy and Dave 'Dino' DeNatale ponder whether athletes like LeBron should 'stick to sports,' a phrase we hear quite a bit. The guys discuss on the Donovan Live Postgame Show.