Veteran broadcast journalist Katie Couric is on a mission to examine cities on the rise.

The Yahoo Global News Anchor is launching a new documentary series called Cities Rising: Rebuilding America.

Couric and her crew are in town filming for the series' upcoming Cleveland episode, which will include an interview with WKYC's Jim Donovan.

"I’m so excited to be here," she told Donovan in an interview that aired on Wednesday's episode of WKYC's Donovan Live!. "I think this is a period of such rancor and such division. It’s so wonderful to be able to celebrate a city on the rise, and Cleveland is our first stop because it has so much going for it."

According to a release from Yahoo, the series will "explore how individuals, businesses, and communities are making pivotal changes to reinvent themselves and reinvigorate the lives of the people in those communities."

Watch the pair's full conversation tonight on Donovan Live! above and find out more about Cities Rising by clicking here to visit the series' website.