CLEVELAND -- Nike videos for LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, and a media campaign for the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Who’s the company behind it all?

It's the homegrown talent of Purple Films.

Started by Brecksville-Broadview Heights graduates Dan Gillespie and Jimmy Gall, the five-member production crew is the perfect example of how not to let the perception of others stop you from pursuing what you love.

In their early days, the team, who are all younger than 30, experienced challenges landing notable jobs because of their age.

“When we were starting it was challenging to get companies to trust two young kids creating work out of their parents’ houses,” Gall said.

Gall and Gillespie continued to hone their craft by producing music videos for Cleveland artists. A representative for Nike saw one of the videos and hired their team to produce a piece on Irving.

Companies, including WKYC, now hire Purple Films because of the fresh approach they bring to video production.

Congratulations Purple Films! You’re proving you don't have to leave Northeast Ohio to make it.

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