On this week's episode of We the People, 9-yr-old Kendall Fellows talks to us about her foundation, the Kendall Cares Foundation (KCF), and how she is promoting literacy while giving back using the Kendall Challenge.

The Kendall Challenge is an annual Read-a-thon used to promote reading literacy and raise money for children in need. During the month of August, Kendall reads lots of books and writes a brief summary of each. Next, Kendall’s team records a video of her explaining each summary, which is then posted to her YouTube and Instagram pages. Money is raised to support the foundation by Champion Sponsors who give a monetary donation for each book that she reads. This year, KCF is partnering with Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital to receive their donations, with a goal to raise a total of $1,000.00 via the Kendall Challenge.

Watch Channel 3 on Friday at 12pm noon to hear more about the foundation from Kendall herselrf!

KCF is always looking for volunteers. For volunteer opportunities please send an email to kendallcaresfoundation@gmail.com and put “Volunteer Opportunities” in the subject line. Visit www.kendallcaresfoundation.org for more information.