A new week is underway on Donovan Live!

We kicked off Monday with Chris Tye and '77 seconds at 7.' Among our stories, how you can stay overnight at the iconic house from the movie 'A Christmas Story.' Plus, Will Ujek reported on how a landfill in Brooklyn could become a home for solar energy.

Barry Gable from Live Nation stopped by to talk with Jimmy in our interview segment. Live Nation is giving you the opportunity to see some of your favorite artists this summer for just $20. Starting on Tuesday at 8:00 a.m., visit livenation.com/20ticket.

Kelly Ripa has a new co-host, twin toddlers were pulled over in New York City, and the french fry meets the fork at McDonald's. Jimmy, Chris, and Betsy Kling talked about those stories during Monday's 3-on-3. Betsy also gave us the latest weather update

And amazingly enough, the Cleveland Browns had a very good draft weekend. Jimmy discussed why he thinks the Browns took a big step forward in 'Jimmy's Take.'

After the show, Jimmy had some more thoughts on the Browns strategy in the NFL Draft, plus how concerned is he about the Cavaliers' series with the Toronto Raptors? Watch the Donovan Live postgame show featuring Dave "Dino" DeNatale below: