In a world of hard to take headlines, it turns out, millions of people can't get enough of a 6-year-old gettin’ her praise on.

Loren Patterson was just doing her thing…singing and toe tappin’ and keeping the beat to “Old School Choir”.

"I got an Old Church Choir singing in my soul!" she belts out, so clearly moved, she’s barely able to keep it all together.

She has moves she probably didn’t even know she had, up there on her Baptist Church choir perch.

It’s not preachy, not practiced, just pure. Just a 6-year-old who wants everyone to know...

"There ain't nothing gonna steal my JOY!!! Noooo! THERE AINT NOTHIN GONNA STEAL MY JOY!!” she sings from a place that clearly moves her body AND soul.

"Whenever I hear music I like to dance," Loren told me her first television interview.

I had to meet her! I saw her online and couldn’t get enough of her.

Neither can Millions of others online who love seeing Loren get her praise on.

By Thursday night, more than 46 MILLION views on facebook. 113,215 hits on her YouTube post.

“What was it that made you feel soooo happy!?" I asked Loren.

She points upward and says, “God. Because it has God in it," Loren says.

Her proud mom points out how much DOESN’T nowadays.

"It brings joy to everyone who sees it. That’s what has made it go wild in this angry angry world," says Jennifer Patterson.

Loren tells me, “God probably saw me."

And now millions, and counting, have as well.

Millions who seemingly can’t get enough of this little blonde antidote to everything bad the internet brings us instantaneously.

The rest of the choir, much more reserved than little Loren. Still, she shares the credit when she says,

"We're famous!"

And we, sweetest Loren, we…are IN LOVE.

The song still ringing in our heads…

“I’ve got an old church choir singin’ in my soul…
I've got a sweet salvation that's beautiful!"

You. Are beautiful, Loren Patterson.

Thanks for the smiles.