The fourth of July is full of fun and excitement.

Picnics, BBQ, fireworks and more,holiday festivities are in abundance.

But did you stop to think about what this day actually means to our country?

WKYC's Monica Robins spoke with an immigrant who gives daily thanks for coming to America.

Jossue Delgado's love for America's favorite past time brought him to this country.

He left his native Venezuela to play baseball, get an education, and pursue his American dream.

" That's why I keep fighting for this country, fighting for myself. I know there's opportunity here, grow yourself be something successful because that's what you want and people here. Look at this beautiful place people take it for granted, they don't think, they don't realize how much you have in this country."

His country is in chaos, protests daily against the government. A death toll that continues to rise, in the midst of economic crisis. Food shortages,soaring unemployment, government blocked elections, and opposition calling the President a dictator; all factors plaguing his native country.

It's been two years since Jossue's been able to go home.

"I cannot go there, it's not safe, it's too dangerous for me to go there right now."

He hopes Americans realize the value of days like the fourth of July.

"The fourth of July is the greatest day to remember that you be thankful for all the people that fought for this country, be thankful for all the soldiers and great people who think about having a better life something better for your kids, something better for your family."