SANDUSKY, Ohio -- One of Cedar Point’s popular ways to beat the heat may be sinking to a watery grave.

Sources told the Sandusky Register on Thursday that Shoot the Rapids would be demolished after only operating for five seasons.

Cedar Point's Tony Clark would not confirm nor deny the report, but did tell WKYC in an e-mail there will be "more news to share regarding our 2016 season at the park's Winter Chill Out event on Saturday, Feb. 20."

Winter Chill Out is a behind-the-scenes winter walking tour of the park, which is already sold out.

The story surrounding Shoot the Rapids quickly splashed across social media -- many thrillseekers expressing their excitement about the water ride’s removal.

WKYC app users can see a photo gallery of Shoot the Rapids HERE.

Below is a sampling of comments gathered from Cedar Point fan forum

It looked nice, but that's about it. I remember banging my elbow on a drop last year really hard. I'm not sad its coming out. but I do hope they don't just replace everything with pay to play rides.

Rode it a grand total of 1 time, I think in 2012. Adios and good riddance.
– bholcomb

Hopefully they are getting a refund. That's how the lemon law works right?
– liebevision

Not a water ride fan so I can honestly say I never rode this ride. Not surprised it's leaving. Hope it does eventually get replaced with a nice traditional log flume though.
– WolfBobs

Pleasantly surprised.
– Kevinj

Good riddens. Horrible design, stupid premise, and a dangerous and faulty product. Not to mention a HUGE waste of space. Good choice in just cutting the losses.
– Clevelander

There are a few people posting their disappointment, too:

Count me in as someone who is disappointed to see it go. Sure it wasn't the best water ride out there but I enjoyed my rides on it. It was a great view from the Frontier Trail.
– CPboy77

As many of you know, I really really enjoyed Shoot the Rapids. I'm crushed about it, but at the same time, It's a business decision and I have to move on. I know everyone on here is happy and I say good for you! I just hope whatever goes in the area, they keep the scenery as pretty as it was when Shoot the Rapids was there. That's all I have to say for now.
– Shawn Meyer

I’m with Shawn on this one. I personally loved Shoot the Rapids. It was especially a very beautiful ride too look at from the midway. Sad to see it go. But as Shawn said, you gotta welcome the new. I sure hope they keep the western theme. If they keep all the theming as is, they could make a sick flyer that could maneuver through the canyons and buildings and lagoon. That would be awesome. I just hope they don't waste that great piece of land.
– CoasterKyle1121

This sucks. CP has a good track record of removing rides I really enjoyed. Demon Drop. Disaster Transport. WildCat. And now Shoot the Rapids which seems like it was just built yesterday. By far my favorite water ride at the park. RIP
– bribrihate