SANDUSKY, Ohio -- It’s the day roller coaster fans have been waiting for.

Cedar Point finally revealed the hotly anticipated details of Mean Streak’s transformation at noon Wednesday in the FrontierTown section of the park.

“We’re busy preparin’ for a big ol’ party in FrontierTown," park spokesperson Tony Clark teased WKYC in an e-mail. "It’s been a long time coming, and we’re excited to let the horse out of the stable, so to speak."

Horse? Now there's a new hint...

The new ride will be known as "Steel Vengeance." CLICK HERE for complete details.

While it has been no secret the rickety wooden ride is getting an overhaul by Rocky Mountain Construction, Cedar Point officials have denied any connection with the coaster company. Even when WKYC spotted RMC trucks during a tour of the construction site earlier this summer, Cedar Point jokingly acted as if there was no significance.

RMC is known for taking old wooden coasters and upgrading them into a wood-steel hybrid, which offers a much smoother experience.

Although no official information has been released, coaster fans have been speculating it will be taller than 200 feet and feature a first drop steeper than that Millennium Force's 80-degree angle. The new attraction also takes riders head-over-heels at least three times in multiple upside-down maneuvers.

And what about its name? The guessing game has been a journey in itself with a variety of ideas filling coaster forums. Some of the most-discussed names include "Railblazer," "Steel Vengeance" and "Tombstone." Several people on Reddit, however, are expressing extreme confidence the name will ultimately be "Steel Vengeance."

Here’s what we know so far (click each date to learn more)…

AUGUST 1, 2016

Cedar Point tweets “Goodbye, pard’ner” video to announce Mean Streak would be getting “the axe.”

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

WKYC interviews Clark about what will happen to Mean Streak's wood as the ride is dismantled. “We’re taking it down. We’re not gonna really give it to anybody. We’re not going to sell it. We’re not gonna auction it. It’s gotta go. If that changes and we want to build some special chairs or furniture and sell it in the park, we’ll let people know, but I don’t think there’s big plans for that wood.”

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

After 25 years and 26 million rides, Mean Streak unleashes its final screams during opening night of HalloWeekends. A “funeral” was held to bid farewell to the coaster, which is given a grave in the park’s annual Halloween “dead rides” cemetery. Super fan Mean Streak Henry says goodbye to his favorite coaster after taking more than 16,000 rides throughout the years.

FEBRUARY 25, 2017

Park visitors get their first glimpse of construction at the Mean Streak coaster during Cedar Point’s annual Winter Chill Out charity fundraiser. No cameras were allowed as guests got closer to the construction site.

MARCH 14, 2017

A Twitter account dubbed @NewMeanStreak makes its debut on social media giving never-before-seen close-up photos of the coaster construction. Although the author of the tweets is still a mystery to this day, many coaster enthusiasts speculated Clark was behind the hints -- especially considering his name's initials were randomly capitalized in this tweet:

APRIL 1, 2017

First video tease is released with the following message: “They’re coming.”

MAY 5, 2017

WKYC covers Cedar Point’s opening weekend throughout the morning show with a closer look at the construction site at Mean Streak. “When we do finally get to talk about it, and my bosses say we can, you will find out every little detail about how we’re making FrontierTown a better place to be here at Cedar Point,” Clark tells us.

JUNE 2, 2017

Second video tease is released with the following message: “They’re wild and unruly.”

JUNE 21, 2017

WKYC gets another one-on-one interview with Clark to discuss the progress being made with the Mean Streak overhaul. "Without saying too much, I am extremely pumped about what we’re doing in the park. I think our guests will be pumped as well because our 150th is also coming up in a couple of years with a big celebration. We’re gonna really knock it out of the park.”

JULY 5, 2017

Cedar Fair, which is the parent company of Cedar Point, files a trademark on the name “Railblazer.” Coaster fans speculate this is a likely name for the coaster. It’s also on this day that the third video tease is released declaring “They’re rollin’ in like thunder.”

JULY 18, 2017

Cedar Point offers WKYC and other members of the media a tour of the coaster’s construction site. It also marked the first time park officials confirmed the ride would debut in May 2018.

JULY 24, 2017

WKYC’s Ryan Haidet receives a package in the mail from Cedar Point containing an invitation to the “FrontierTown Hootenanny.” The celebration scheduled for “high noon” will feature live music, dancing and the ride’s big 2018 announcement. Contained in the invitation were four oversized playing cards -- three of which are “WANTED” signs featuring the silhouettes of three characters named Blackjack, Chess and Digger.

(Photo by Ryan Haidet, WKYC-TV)

AUGUST 7, 2017

The fourth #TheyreComing video teaser is released with the following message: “8/16. They stake their claim.”

AUGUST 16, 2017

The secrets are revealed as details of the coaster are unveiled. In 2018, Cedar Point will unleash their newest record-breaking ride: Steel Vengeance. CLICK HERE for complete ride details.


Take a front-seat ride on the former Mean Streak roller coaster:

See photos of the former Mean Streak: