SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Off limits: No photos. No video. No update.

Cedar Point is staying tight-lipped on their plans for the future of Mean Streak.

While WKYC spent Saturday morning strolling through the park for the annual Winter Chill Out charity event, our crews were kept far and clear of the wooden roller coaster. Our closest vantage point was from the parking lot of Cedar Point's water park, which is where we captured these distant pictures. All cameras had to be stuffed away the closer we got to Mean Streak's towering lumber.

"Mean Streak is being taken down," Cedar Point's Tony Clark said. "We will not mention Mean Streak anymore because it does not exist at Cedar Point anymore."

But there was one tiny tease...

Winter Chill Out guests erupted in cheers when they were given an exclusive glimpse at a never-before-seen picture of the transformation happening to Mean Streak. Although Cedar Point will not release the image to the public, the photo featured a closer look at what appears to be twisted red steel track attached to the coaster's wooden structure.

Fans have been speculating for months the ride is being upgraded to a wood-steel hybrid courtesy of Rocky Mountain Construction, a company known for its innovate improvements to outdated wooden coasters.

"We know everybody is excited about what's going on back there," Clark continued. "I totally get it. I'm a big coaster fan myself. I love the park. I love new attractions and the new things we put in. But we can't really say anything about it until it makes sense for Cedar Point to say something about it. The timing is not now. I can't say when that timing will be, but when it makes sense for us to say something about it you will definitely see it some time. I don't know when, but some time."

Mean Streak gave its final rides during the opening night of HalloWeekends last year on Friday, Sept. 16. More than 26 million people climbed aboard its rough journey since opening in May 1991.

App users can see photos of Mean Streak HERE.

Meanwhile... The biggest addition for the summer is the expansion of Soak City as it becomes Cedar Point Shores with new water slides, restaurants and shops.

Cedar Point opens for the 2017 season on Saturday, May 6.