SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Cedar Point is making big promises about their new roller coaster for 2018.

“We’ve made some pretty big announcements in our roller coaster history, this announcement will redefine the category,” park spokesperson Tony Clark tells WKYC. “I can’t tell you what that means, but that is something we have not yet said.”

His tease came early Wednesday morning during a Facebook live with WKYC’s Tiffany Tarpley just hours before park officials announce full details about the new ride, which is replacing Mean Streak.

“You’re gonna be in for some treats,” Clark says. “I can guarantee you that this is gonna have some pretty impressive stats, and perhaps breaking a few records.”

The announcement will be made at noon in the FrontierTown section of Cedar Point.

But that’s not all…

“We’ll make another announcement about another cool thing we’re doing,” Clark teases. “That should be pretty cool. Especially if you love theme parks and roller coasters.”

The new roller coaster is being built by Rocky Mountain Construction, a company known for taking old wooden coasters and transforming them into a wood-steel hybrid. CLICK HERE to see everything we know about the coaster so far.

We will stream the announcement on WKYC’s Facebook page and here on