SANDUSKY, Ohio -- A new beast is rising above Lake Erie's coast.

Cedar Point has busy re-imagining their rickety ride formerly known as Mean Streak.

For the first time since the wooden coaster closed last September, Cedar Point offered WKYC the opportunity to tour the construction site Tuesday.

See photos of the Mean Streak re-construction progress:

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Despite showing off the ride's progress, park officials offered no details on the new attraction other than confirming that it will make its debut during opening day in May of 2018.

Park spokesperson Tony Clark said all the information will be revealed before the 2017 season comes to an end.

While Cedar Point has denied all fan speculation, it hasn't stopped the park from posting teases on social media with one common message: "They're coming."

Here's what we do know:

- Crews with Rocky Mountain Construction, a company known for converting old wooden coasters into smoother rides, have been working on the attraction. Their trucks were spotted during Tuesday's media tour.

- The new experience is a wood-steel hybrid that will take guests upside down multiple times. In true Cedar Point fashion, coaster fans anticipate the ride will feature record-breaking elements.

- Cedar Fair trademarked the word "Railblazer" earlier this month, fueling expectations it will become the coaster's official name.

- The coaster is expected to debut in May 2018.

Mean Streak gave its final rides last year on Sept. 16. More than 26 million people climbed aboard the rickety ride since making its debut in May 1991.

Cedar Point announced Mean Streak's closure last August.