Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith sent a special Father's Day message Sunday.

The star took to Instagram, sharing a photo of his three daughters, Demi, Peyton, and Dakota; with the caption "Happy Fathers Day Fellas! #Enjoy."

Happy Fathers Day Fellas! #Enjoy

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Smith sure does have a lot to enjoy and celebrate.

As you may remember, Smith and his wife Jewel shared with the world their journey with their premature baby girl Dakota.

Dakota was released from the NICU in May, after being born five months early.

From the looks of this photo, she doing just fine!

His daughters Peyton and Demi also had a special message for their dad this Father's Day.

Check out this cute clip posted by Uninterrupted on Twitter.

A big Happy Father's Day to J.R. Smith and all the other great dads out there!