One day and a half into the trek to Houston from North Ridgeville, Matt and Tim Sykes are still on a roll after rolling with the punches including a flat tire.

Tim, born and raised Northeast Ohio, lives in Houston now. He was back home to celebrate grandma's birthday.

When two flights back to Houston were cancelled, Tim decided to drive a UHAUL back and fill it first with donated relief items for flood Victims.

Northeast Ohio stepped up in a big way. Toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothes, bottled water and more came in in such massive amounts, it brought tears to mamma Sykes eyes. She had sent out the call for donations on social media and made drop off point the North Ridgeville Jillian Rien Dance School that she's had for 20 years.

Channel 3's Dawn Kendrick and photographer Sean Forester have been lucky enough to tag along on the journey to Houston. Because the Sykes brothers are #TheGoodStuff and after they had a flat tire six hours into the 24 hour trip, Dawn quickly dubbed it the #OHForGoodnessSykesTour.

The second volunteers started loading the 20 foot UHAUL Wednesday morning, the good stuff rising up out of the bad was impossible to miss.

Tim Hickey came all the way from Painesville.

"We had to put our dog down this morning so we came out here to donate dog food and dog supplies for flood victims in Houston.," said Hickey.

Michael Anderson made time to come from Cleveland.

"Because God has been good to me and I want to be good to others. I love everybody. They need help. I'm trying to help," said Anderson.

"My gram used to tell me when you can't find the good, be the good. I'm trying to teach my kids that same thing," Hickey adds, with Dawn's pick for soundbite of the day.

By the time the truck pulled out, it was loaded with so much toiletries, bottled water, even haz mat suits And more from Cleveland EMS that just before we got to Indianapolis came an unexpected stop because of a flat tire.

But more good stuff was on the way in the form of Bill, the tow truck driver who got them back on the road just outside of Indianapolis.

The care package from Cleveland, to help Houston was back on it's way.

But not before the load was lightened by unloading some of it into yet another truck.

Tim called the Indianapolis branch of Rockwell Autonation where he works in Houston.

John Lyons immediately rounded up some employees to help transfer some of the supplies.

So more good stuff strangers ended up pitching in on a moments notice.
Now two Trucks are on their way with room for more.

Like from Fairfield Inn in Collinsville IL.

General manager Jeremy Watson hosted the crew from Northeast Ohio without a second thought.

"It's always good to know there is that human spirit that has not died in this country. That we are still willing to ban together to help one another out. That's the fabric of who we are," said Watson.

So at the last minute knowing more cleaning supplies for Houston were needed, the Fairfield Inn family rounded up linens and wash rags.

"It's our gift back. Not much. Just a piece we can quickly give to say thank you guys give whatever we can do to help, we're happy to do so," said Watson.

And the people about to be on the receiving end in Houston, Watson has this to offer,

"If I could say anything it's just be strong. Know that through it all there is a higher power. In those moments you feel like no one else is there for you know God is strong and He will get you through this," said Watson.