SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Although it’s clear Rocky Mountain Construction is upgrading Cedar Point’s rickety Mean Streak wooden roller coaster, there are still lots of unanswered questions.

But we may have just solved one mystery…

Cedar Fair trademarked the name “Railblazer” earlier this month. Sounds like it might be a fitting title for a wild ride in the park’s Frontier Town, right?

We reached out to park officials to see if they would dish any dirt.

“Cedar Fair, like other companies, will trademark names for many different purposes,” spokesperson Tony Clark said in an e-mail. “Some may be used, and some may not.”

A similar situation happened in previous seasons when the company filed trademarks for Centurion, Rougarou and Valravn -- only the latter two became actual names of Cedar Fair attractions.

Does that mean “Railblazer” could be a name used at a different Cedar Fair park? Possibly, but many coaster fans seem to believe it will become reality for the former Mean Streak coaster.

“I mean... Trailblazer, Railblazer, it just seems Frontier themed,” one person wrote on Reddit. “What else could it be other than MS?”

For weeks, Cedar Point has been posting taunting teases on social media with a series of hints with one cohesive message: "They’re coming.”

Who are they?

A pair of “WANTED” posters have popped up near the coaster’s construction site that show silhouettes of what appears to be male and female characters. Each are being sought for an $875 bounty.

Could these outlaws be the “they” we’ve heard so much about?

When asked by a coaster fan on Twitter about the meaning behind the WANTED posters, Clark responded, “Usually means the Sheriff is trying to catch someone.”

Of course, the bounty payout of $875 immediately triggered speculation with the consensus believing Cedar Point will announce the ride’s official details on 8/7 at 5 p.m. Others suggest 875 could equal the steep angle of the first drop's descent at 87.5 degrees.

“The numbers can be whatever you want them to be,” Clark tells WKYC.

Cedar Point officials have invited WKYC to participate in a tour of the coaster’s construction at 10 a.m. Tuesday. We will broadcast live video from the construction site on Facebook.

An announcement from park officials confirming the RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) wood-steel hybrid update to Mean Streak is expected some time soon.

Mean Streak gave its final rides last year on Sept. 16. More than 26 million people climbed aboard the rickety ride since making its debut in May 1991.