A Special Wish Cleveland specializes in making the wishes of sick children come true.

On Friday night, 9-year-old Adi Keegan, a huge fan of country singer Luke Bryan was the guest of honor at a private concert in her own Amherst backyard.

Addi has been fighting an aggressive brain tumor since she was two years old.

Seven years of chemotherapy, radiation, clinical trials and surgeries weren’t enough.

This adorable warrior is home on hospice now.

She told Channel 3 News from her bed last week that she loves Luke Bryan “9,999 stars and hearts."

Eileen Lane, of A Special Wish Cleveland, smiles when she says. “I can't even comprehend that magnitude. Addi is so in love with him and listens to his songs every night to help her fall asleep. She loves Luke Bryan."

Eileen and fiancé Jason Beudert, who run A Special Wish Cleveland, knew Addi couldn't get to the Luke Bryan concert July 15th, so...

"We figured we'll bring the Luke Bryan right to her! So that’s why we have Country Redford in her back yard tonight to sing some of her Luke Bryan jams," says Lane.

As Addi sang along from her seat, every single word of most of the songs, alongside her parents and brother and sister, it was apparent gratitude for right there, right then, in that moment.

That magical night when Addi tapped her toe to the rhythm of her soul...to the music that moves her.

"She calls it her magic and I really think that's what it is to her. It’s gotten her through a lot," says Lane.

Lane points out the Country Redford took just minutes to get back to her saying “Absolutely! We’ll do it! No Charge.”

Even though lead singer Scott Redford had back surgery just a week ago,

“They said don't you worry because he will sit on a chair if he has to and play so Addi can hear some Luke Bryan. That's when I knew they were incredible people," says Lane.

Scott Redford says, “It was a no brainer”.

Bass Guitarist Adam Davis added "There's no way we couldn't do it. It’s all about Addi. Just a privilege to be able to do this."

Drummer Tom Clark tears up when he says, “I have a 9-year-old boy at home. I'd do it for him, for anyone. It hits home."

On Friday night July 7th, the best of humanity rose up, to uplift a deserving little girl.

So we’re filing this one straight to the good stuff file.

Two thumbs up for Addi Keegan, and the good stuff snowball of A Special Wish Cleveland and the guys of Country Redford.