So who came up with days like National Doughnut Day? And are they for real?

Well the 'holiday' does exist. So calories be darned. You have a free pass today. And to Verify this we went directly to the people who keep track of these seemingly random holidays and decide who makes the cut?

“Food holidays are just crazy. Everybody makes up their own,” said Holly McGriff.

She’s the expert on National Days, as the Editor-In-Chief of what's widely regarded as the clearinghouse for holidays, Chase's Calendar of Events.

“We take this very seriously because things do go viral,” said Holly.

She told us donut day started back in World War I, when the Salvation Army would give donuts to soldiers headed to battle in Europe. They then started fundraising with the donut, but they would give out paper donuts, kind of as a symbol that you donated.

For whatever reason the holiday fell out of favor, but the donut and all its caloric glory has made a comeback.

We found out that Chase's became the experts when legislators decided they were too busy to deal with designating holidays.

In fact, there are only 10 federal holidays sanctioned by U.S. law. The Department of Commerce used to publish a book of days to promote industry. But in 1958, they asked the Chase brothers - Bill and Harrison - to publish a guide for the media and take over.

It all kind of exploded in the 1990's because Congress stopped proclaiming special days. And now there are more than twelve thousand celebrated days. For example, today is also “National Gun Violence Awareness Day”, as well as “Coronation Day” in the U.K.

Then there are some celebratory Days that...well…there’s “Hug Your Cat Day”.

But this was the beauty:

“I don't know how big a deal Cobras are in Cleveland,” said Holly.

But June 2nd is “Yell ‘fudge’ at the cobras in North America Day”.

Yes, really.

“I'm aware that people do celebrate it, and it's, like a tradition to go out on your front lawn and yell ‘fudge’, just in case there's some cobra's there, said Holly.

Apparently cobras choke on fudge.

So if you see something about a National Day, take a look at Chase's or check for Proclamations from the State.


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