She's a hairstylist, who by her very example, hands out hope with each haircut.

Lindsey Ballas is on a mission she never saw coming, and didn't choose.

But she has chosen to accept it. In trying to save her own life, she is inspiring so many other lives along the way.

It was May 2016 when we first met Lindsey.

She figured if she had to beat breast cancer herself, why not make it count for others at the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center?

So, it was hand packed gift bags for everyone!

New blankets and thoughtful gifts to counter the effects of chemo. Well thought out bags that come from the school of "been there done that."

Now just more than a year later, it’s more cancer for the woman behind the random acts of kindness.

"It's actually in the lining of my brain, three spots there," says Lindsey.

Still this mother of two shows up every day with a smile at Lindsey's House of Style, her small hair salon tucked back off the road in North Ridgeville.

"Some days it's bigger than me. Most days, I try to go on and put it in the back of my head and not let cancer run my life," says Lindsey.

No sitting at home waiting for cancer to have the final say.

"You gotta keep on going and you can't give up," says Lindsey.

That’s why she fights.

Every. Day.

For one more day to be amazing.

"I'm grateful for every day I'm here. I’m grateful I can still work," says Lindsey.

Two unexpected cancer diagnoses for Lindsey Ballas turned out to be a chance to be rooted in gratitude.

"Oh yeah! Definitely makes me thankful for everything," says Lindsey.

The irony was not lost on us, that Lindsey does other people's hair and had to give up her own.

In typical Lindsey form, she found a way to smile through that too, and shaved a smiley face where her hair used to be.

She has finished her radiation which was the first plan of attack on the brain cancer.

Next week, Lindsey starts a clinical trial of chemotherapy.

If we care to take a page from Lindsey's playbook, here it is. For free. Without even sitting in her chair.

"Just get up. Be grateful and don’t complain," says Lindsey, the woman who has THIS down to perfection.