As Vice President Mike Pence landed in Cleveland Wednesday, a familiar face was there to meet him on the tarmac.

Iraqi-born teen Teeba Marlowe was injured by a roadside bomb, as a toddler and moved to the US, a few years later.

Her American mom, Barb Marlowe said meeting Pence was the "most extraordinary experience in her life", right after the day her Teeba came to her from Iraq 13 years ago.

It's the story of their journey that captured the eye of the White House and landed them right smack front and center of the vice president when he landed in Cleveland.

"I mean! You're with the Vice President of the United States!” Barb Marlowe says, still riding the high of it all hours later.

Teeba and Barb Marlowe of Concord got the invite from the white house just days ago to meet Vice President Mike Pence.

"I thought I was getting punked. I didn’t know how to respond!" Barb Marlowe laughs.

So there they were, front and center as soon as Pence’s plane touched down in Cleveland.

"I said this is my daughter Teeba,” sys Barb.

Teeba adds “He said I know who you are. I’ve heard all about you!”

15-year-old Teeba has grown up in Cleveland with Barb and Tim Marlowe.

She was just 2-years-old when she came to them from Iraq, a scarred and scared survivor of a roadside bomb.

Just this year Teeba was reunited with her family, her birth mom and brother and sisters in Iraq.

So Teeba wanted Vice President Pence to know, "That I don't take for granted that I'm an American citizen because I see how the rest of the world wants to be right where I am," says Teeba.

Last month Teeba paid it forward.

"We went to Washington for the Iraqi Children's Fund 5k run to help children displaced by ISIS and sending them teams of doctors over there for kids who need medical help," said Teeba.

Pence must have thought that was worth some special treatment.

"He turned to his crew and said please take them on Airforce 2! A tour from the cockpit with the pilot all the way to the galley!"

"I mean who gets to do that!!" Barb says still excited and riding the high hours later.

"Regardless of what your political affiliation is you are standing up there with the Vice President of the United States! I just soaked up every minute! I didn't want to let it go! Then he looked at me and said next time you are in Washington, come visit! And I WILL!" says Barb Marlowe.

15-year-old Teeba’s take away now, about the importance of her generation?

"It's important. That’s the future of this country. You are the future. We are the future," says Teeba Marlowe.
Barb, still ramped up from meeting Pence and thinking ahead already laughs and adds, “Future First Lady!!!"
Pence may not have known they fully intend to take him up on the invite.