Social media erupted Monday, after Cavaliers star, J.R. Smith posted a photo of himself holding his premature baby girl, Dakota Smith, for the first time.

Today is one of the greatest days of my life. Today I get to hold my youngest for the first time! GOD is GREAT! #DakotaStrong

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Baby Dakota was born January 2, at 22 weeks, weighing just one pound.

Smith, and his wife Shirley have been extremely open about the situation and the couple has received copious amounts of support from family, friends, and fans.

Shirley has a blog,MyKotaBear, that she updates frequently.

The blog follows the family's journey through the good times and the bad times of raising such a precious bundle of joy.

In her blog today, she describes how holding her daughter for the first time reminded her of the song, Like Dew in the morning.

"Like the dew in the morning gently rest upon my heart", my happy tears started flowing instantly and the chills I got spoke volumes. I thought to myself; so this is why this very song rang in my head as I held Dakota! YES!! I said it I held my baby girl for the very first time today. 34 days later it was time; time for me to smell her, time for her to rest in my spirit and most importantly time for her to lay on my heart. My sweet Dakota, your touch has calmed my soul and your warmth has fueled the energy I needed to keep going. "

Read the full blog post here.

Shirley is a mother of two, Demi & Dakota, and is currently pursing her degree in Urban Studies with a minor in Organizational Leadership from Cleveland State University.

You can share you thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement with the Smith family using the hashtag #DakotaStrong on all social media platforms or comment on the WKYC Facebook Page.


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