MASON, Ohio -- What’s in the shed?

Since announcing the ride last year, Kings Island has been teasing a mysterious finale on Mystic Timbers, which is their new eerily themed wooden roller coaster.

After racing along 16 airtime hills through a wooded area of the park, Mystic Timber riders come face to face with the hotly anticipated ending.

As the coaster train slowly creeps forward, a voice repeatedly bellows out an ominous warning: “Don’t go in the shed.”

So what is looming within its walls?

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know what’s in the shed, turn away now. If you want to read the secrets, scroll down...

The coaster train briefly comes to a stop as riders first encounter flickering overhead lamps and theatrical lighting.

A video posted by ThemeParkReview shows one rider mocking the contents of the shed.

“What’s happening?” the rider declares. “I see a radio. I see saw blades.”

Then the radio kicks on and out blasts ‘80s music, like Maneater by Hall and Oates.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s Hall and Oates!” the rider jokingly exclaims. “Hall and Oates is in the shed! Oh my God everybody, get out of here! Hall and Oates is in the shed!”

As the train makes its way into the next room, a projection screen quickly displays animated video of various creatures, including bats.

The ride then rolls forward and returns to the station.

Each time you enter the shed, the experience may change to a different song or video animation.

While the coaster itself is earning rave reviews, it delivers an ending that many coaster fans are saying doesn’t live up to the hype.

Don Helbig of Kings Island issued the following statement to WKYC when we asked for a response to critics who are disappointed in the ride's finale: Mystic Timbers is an amazing ride. Coaster fans who experienced Mystic Timbers at yesterday’s media day absolutely loved it. Mystic Timbers is one of those attractions that as soon as the ride ends you want to get right back in line and ride it again. I hope you’ll plan a visit to Kings Island this summer to experience Mystic Timbers for yourself. 

One person wrote an in-depth Facebook post about what the shed finale is truly like: