SANDUSKY, Ohio -- There’s a fresh mystery brewing at Cedar Point.

A new Twitter account was created earlier this month titled @NewMeanStreak, and it’s filled with photos showcasing the construction happening with the former Mean Streak wooden roller coaster.

Here’s why this latest twist is so strange…

When WKYC was inside the park for a story last month, our access to Mean Streak was strictly off limits. Park officials warned that security would be called if anybody in the group snapped pictures in restricted areas -- all of which were nearby Mean Streak.

Clearly they didn’t want the media to see the ride’s transformation just yet.

But if our cameras were so heavily restricted, how does the person behind this Twitter account have such unprecedented access without any legal repercussion? Could it be an employee secretly posting the pics without permission? Could it be a coaster fan trespassing on the property? How was somebody able to get so close to the coaster without anybody spotting them?

Scroll to the bottom of this story to see all of the account's tweets.

We went straight to the source and asked Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark if he knew who was snooping near the top-secret construction site and posting these pictures. We even asked if the park would seek criminal action in the event these images were being taken illegally.

His response was brief and only fueled more speculation.

“I have no information regarding anything happening in FrontierTown at this time,” Clark wrote in an e-mail.

Hmmmmm... That's the same tease he's given WKYC several times before when we ask for any update on Mean Streak.

We followed up by asking Clark if he or people in Cedar Point’s marketing office are the mysterious source of these pictures.

He did not reply.

Although Cedar Point has not released any official update on the future of Mean Streak, some fans on forums like are speculating the Twitter account was playfully started by park officials to keep the project’s interest high.

Something in one of the tweets may also offer a cryptic hint that it came from Clark himself because the only letters randomly capitalized in the post are his initials (TC).

Fans have been saying for months the ride is being upgraded to a wood-steel hybrid courtesy of Rocky Mountain Construction, a company known for its innovate improvements to outdated wooden coasters.

Mean Streak gave its final rides during the opening night of HalloWeekends last year on Friday, Sept. 16. More than 26 million people climbed aboard its rough journey since opening in May 1991.

App users can see photos of Mean Streak HERE.