They would not be denied.

Matt and Tim Sykes arrived in Houston on Friday evening after a long journey from North Ridgeville that included dealing with a flat tire.

Tim, born and raised Northeast Ohio, lives in Houston now. After being back in Lorain County for his grandmother's birthday, he was unable to fly back to Houston due to flights being cancelled because of Hurricane Harvey.

So Tim decided to drive a UHAUL back and fill it with donated relief items for flood victims.

Northeast Ohio stepped up in a big way. Toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothes, bottled water and more came in in such massive amounts after the call for donations on went out on social media. The drop off point was the North Ridgeville Jillian Rien Dance School that has been owned by the Sykes' mother for 20 years.

Channel 3's Dawn Kendrick and photographer Sean Forester were along for the journey to Houston. Because the Sykes brothers are #TheGoodStuff and after they had a flat tire six hours into the 24 hour trip, Dawn quickly dubbed it the #OHForGoodnessSykesTour.

GALLERY: Dawn and Sean captured some of the images of the Sykes' arrival in Houston

VIDEO: The people of Houston have sent a message back to the people of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio: