What Amy Martin of Westlake brought to the internet table for women in the CLE is growing insanely more popular by the day.

She founded 'She in the CLE,' a blog site forum for women just more than 2 years ago. Today, the site has more than 8,000 followers on social media.

On Tuesday, they upped the ante in opening up communication lines for women who want to stay anonymous.

The first blog posted about an until-now-unspoken-of rape is painful, but powerful.

"My editorial team we sat down and there was not a dry eye in the place. we had several submissions and we decided that had to be the one to launch," Martin said. "It was a really powerful message of a story that happened 12 years ago, from a woman who has never once told it."

Cathartic for those writing. It can be empowering and even therapeutic for readers

"And so we know there are a ton more out there," Martin continued. "We thought if we publish a couple and let women see you CAN talk about important issues, maybe even funny and embarrassing issues, and you can do it in a productive manner and have great conversation around it. Then hopefully more women will find their voice that way."

The plan is to publish an anonymous She Speaks submission every Tuesday.

Martin is getting requests from women in other cities asking for help in starting similar blogs.

"People wanting to replicate that model tells us we are onto something, and we are exceptionally proud," she says.

If you have a story to share to She Speaks, email shespeaks.inthecle@gmail.com.