Real life. Real time. Social Media has transformed the way we view natural disasters. From periscope to YouTube and now Facebook Live, it’s pretty tough to scroll past the devastation.

Judith Tecillo’s family is in Puerto Rico. Her phone was the first thing she grabbed this morning.

"All they’ve been doing is putting up postings and hoping that they can read it because we can’t get anyone to answer the phones." said Judith Tecillo

Inside the Caribe bake shop on Cleveland’s Westside customers have their eyes glued to the TV and their phones, checking updates on Hurricane Maria's destruction. One family was brought to tears after trying and failing to contact loved ones.

A number of Facebook live videos show Hurricane Maria pummeling Puerto Rico, ripping trees out of the ground and hammering the island with hurricane-force winds and driving rain.

But while their eyes are glued to Facebook, these videos can be difficult to watch.

"I told my mom to stop watching because we can’t really do anything we worry even more."

So the only thing they can do is pray.

Judith Tecillo tells WKYC she has yet to connect with her family because phone lines are down. She hopes to hear from them soon either by phone or Facebook live.