No surprise to us! WKYC meteorologists Greg Dee and Hollie Giangreco are ranked in the Top 10 of the Top 100 Best Meteorologists in Social Media. WKYC's Betsy Kling is #27.

According to Klobomedia, "TheSocReports puts the highest value on being a well-rounded user of social media. In other words, these folks do just about everything well, taking advantage of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (most are very active on all three) to inform and grow their influencer status."

WKYC's Greg Dee is ranked #5.

Klobomedia writes: "Of course, Greg posts about the weather – but you are also just as likely to see traffic, sports and tech advice. He’s also a very active YouTuber. And comes in at #1 in lifetime Instagram posts."

WKYC's Hollie Giangreco is ranked #8.

Hollie Giangreco 

Klobomedia writes: "Hollie is the second meteorologist from WKYC in our top 10, quite an achievement for this station considering the level competition (7000+ mets). She punctuates her weather feeds with inspirational quotes."

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WKYC's Betsy Kling with Owlie at NWAS16!

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