Today WKYC's parent company, TEGNA, and its affiliates across the nation, celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity.

It's a company-wide initiative for a day-long celebration to showcase the fact that being open to diverse ideas and providing a welcoming work environment has contributed to our success and helped us empower the people we serve.

At noon today, WKYC's 'We the People' -- shown every Friday -- had a special edition that featured a wide variety of upcoming events to show Greater Clevelanders how to experience and join in with people of different ethnicities.

We the People

WKYC also got results from an employee survey as to where they were born and where their grandparents were born. Their grandparents came from at least 22 different countries, including Greece, Italy, Poland, China, Taiwan, Hungary and Lithuania.

Asked what different languages employees can speak in varying degrees, they included Greek, Italian, Arabic and Russian, while two said they were fluent in American sign language.

Employees also shared their ethnic traditions in the survey. One said "On Christmas Eve we do not eat meat at all...we celebrate the Italian way with fish and marinara sauce." Another said they "make Paska bread for Easter and, every few years, doing Pysanky (Ukranian egg dying) for Easter."

"One of my favorite traditions that we always have tamales for dinner on Christmas Eve," one said. Another said they celebrate "Chinese New Year." One even said -- and we're not kidding -- that their family tradition was "watching the Steelers beat the Browns."

Employees were also encouraged to bring in their favorite family ethnic desserts for everyone to sample.

Just to name a few, WKYC Reporter Amani Abraham brought in Arabic coffee to share at the start of the day. Director of Advocacy and Community Initiatives Margaret Bernstein brought in her Sweet Potato Pie.

WKYC News Editor Cathy Watkins brought in apple strudel, while WKYC Reporter Andrew Horansky brought in Hungarian pastries from Farkas Bakery on Lorain Road in Ohio City.

Looking ahead, the Cleveland Foundation is hosting an event July 30 in multiple locations across Cuyahoga County called "Common Ground."

It's a one-day, community-wide discussion where the foundation will partner with other organizations across Cuyahoga County to encourage residents to come together.

There will be greetings, food, discussion and the sharing of ideas about what we can do together to create a more equitable and resilient Greater Cleveland.

Check out how you can become involved HERE

Employees across TEGNA were encouraged to share their thoughts on social media, using the hashtag #TEGNAWorldDay