It's almost that time of year when you'll be at a wedding or graduation every weekend.

On Thursday, WKYC Channel 3's Jim Donovan and Betsy Kling were joined by the owners of a unique rental company supplying vintage and eclectic supplies for parties.

Ann King, the owner of Borrow Vintage and Eclectic Rentals, as well as Vice President Julie Eifel stopped by to talk about their company. Borrow specializes in providing locally made and locally sourced furniture pieces.

"We saw a hole in the market that needed beautiful rental wares that you can't find anywhere else," says King. "I think people want more custom and unique events, so that's the avenue we took."

Watch our interview with Ann and Julie in the player above. You can find out more about Borrow Vintage and Eclectic Rentals by visiting their website.