If it seems like that morning cup of coffee is costing you more cash, you're correct. It may be in large part because a growing group of you can't get enough of it!

According to market analysis company Bloomberg, global demand for coffee is at an all-time high—and Millennials are to blame.

It’s part of what they're calling a "coffee culture" in which Millennials now are sucking up the lion share of the coffee.

We met 19-year-old coffee connoisseur Baileigh Limestahl at The Root Café in Lakewood.

"I grew up drinking coffee so much now I'm willing to pay whatever for coffee," he told WKYC Channel 3's Dawn Kendrick. "I’m so used to drinking it."

According to Bloomberg, young people 19 to 34-years-old now make up 44 percent of coffee drinkers in the US.

"I started drinking coffee in high school. It's just a stressful time," says 20-year-old Krista Demetropoulis from behind the coffee bar at The Root Café.

Owner Julie Hutchison says she’s getting a lot more money from Millennials at The Root.

"I definitely think coffee culture is something kids are growing up into now so it’s kind of normal. Yeah, definitiely," says Hutchison.

While more and more of us are hopped up on caffeine, coffee prices are hiked up. Bloomberg analysts say it's because that demand is coupled now with a growing supply shortage.

"Watching all of the kids grow up in the coffee shop now they are adults. I saw that happening. I've been witnessing it. It's really cool. That's why we are here now," said Hutchison.