The already crowded Cleveland brewery scene is about to get more crowded. But the history of Collision Bend Brewing Company on Old River Road on the Flats East Bank may tap into memories of Cleveland in 1994.

The old home to Watermark Restaurant is now home to the trendy new riverfront restaurant and brewery.

Located just a few doors down from the freshly-built mixed use Flats III project with condos, hotels and restaurants, the old venue is getting new life.

What strikes you is the riverfront seating, the West Coast and European cuisine, and beers with names like Lake Erie Sunset and East Bank IPA.

All memorable, but part of a surging brewery scene – it’s understandable if you think you’ve read this story before.

In just the last year, within a few miles of each other, Cleveland has seen breweries under the names: Bottlehouse and Hansa and Forest City and Goldhorn.

This year, those that have opened or about to open: Saucy Brew Works, Noble Beast, Masthead, and Collission Bend.

The staff here, which includes many members of local restauranteur Zach Bruell’s team, are bullish on their niche in the marketplace.

“If you do something really great, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think it is over-saturated. There’s plenty of room for breweries to have unique and different styles,” says Julian Bruell.

Bruell’s investment team is behnd the Collision Bend project, which opens next Monday.

Collision Bend has the backdrop of the river. The real question for the breweries popping up is: How many taps will be flowing a year from now? Eight new breweries will try to provide proof that Cleveland’s thirst is worth tapping into.