A week from today you may be gobbling up turkey and counting your blessings.

Many of the city’s homeless will be counting them too, at the Salvation Army’s newest shelter. This weekend, the Zelma George Emergency Center will open on East 17th Street and Prospect Avenue.

It will feature dozens of new rooms and for the Army’s first time, a private apartment for victims of human trafficking.

“Every single room has natural light. It’s good for mental health, but also you just feel good when you see the sun shining,” Major Lurlene Johnson said.

Common space for families and a playground are among the other firsts.

“You get to watch the kids play,” Johnson said. “And I think there’s just something about the joy of seeing kids play.”

“I think Thanksgiving is going to be a wonderful time because of that,” said Tabitha Neff, who once stayed at the shelter. “We’re actually going to be able to sit together like a family.”