Fourth of July is here, and for recovering addicts it can be a difficult time.

This weekend first responders across Northeast Ohio are prepared for the worst, as thousands of people go out to celebrate Independence day.

So far this Holiday weekend, Cleveland has recorded 23 overdoses, one of them fatal.

In Akron, 16 overdoses, three of them fatal.

Cory Eastgate has been clean for two years, however he told WKYC's Jasmine Monroe, that it's the holidays that are always tough to get through.

"I remember Christmas the last time I was using, I don't think my family wanted me to be there," said Eastgate.

Nothing mattered in those moments he says, as an addict all you could think about was your next fix.

"They feel like there going to miss out on something if there not getting high or partying." says Eastgate.

Now Cory spends his holidays with his wife and three children.

"You could appreciate the holidays a lot more when your not wrapped up in an addiction."