A lot of cleaning products are full of harsh ingredients, that can be tough on your skin, but not necessarily so tough on germs and grime. And they can be really expensive.

We have several easy recipes to help you make household cleaning products at home, that are chemical free and use just a few ingredients.


- 20 drops lemon essential oil

- 20 drops protective blend essential oil

- Water

- Splash of vinegar

Add ingredients to a glass spray bottle & shake.


- 2T olive oil

- 1/4 cup vinegar

- 1 cup water

- 10 drops wild orange essential oil

Add ingredients to a glass spray bottle & shake.


- 1 1/2 cup vinegar

- 1/2 cup water

- 8 drops lemon oil

Add ingredients to a glass spray bottle & shake.

Note: When you use pure essential oils to make cleaners, they need to be stored in glass bottles. Because they are so potent, they can damage or cause plastic bottles to deteriorate.


- 1 cup vinegar

- 2 cups baking soda

- 2–6 drops lemon or orange essential oil

Work paste into stain with toothbrush. Allow to dry and then vacuum.


This gentle, easy to make laundry detergent uses three ingredients and can cut your detergent costs to just $10 a year.

- 1 cup Borax

- 1 cup Arm & Hammer washing soda (NOT baking soda)

- 1 bar of Ivory soap

- Grater

- 5-gallon bucket with lid

- Medium pot

- Long handled spoon

- Tap water

1. Get your bucket ready. You can find a 5-gallon bucket with a lid at most hardware stores. If your bucket isn’t marked, use a permanent marker to make a line at the 5 gallon mark. (If you are making a half batch of detergent, mark a line at 2.5 gallons.

2. Grate soap, and add to a large pot of 4 cups hot water. Stir over medium heat until the soap is dissolved.

3. Transfer the melted soap mixture to your bucket. Add the Borax and washing soda.

4. Mix well until the powders are completely dissolved.

5. Fill bucket to the 5 gallon mark with with warm water.

6. Stir and cover. Let it “set” for 24 hours.

Using the detergent:

One batch of this recipe makes 5 gallons of concentrated detergent. When you go to use the detergent, you’ll mix equal equal parts of detergent concentrate with water. You can mix and store them in a recycled laundry detergent bottle, juice container, etc.

Before each use, shake well, as the ingredients will settle and separate.

For top-loading washing machines, use ½ cup of your detergent concentrate/water mixture. For front-loading or HE machines use ¼ cup.

If your detergent looks lumpy, watery, gooey, etc. don’t worry! It will likely turn out different every time you make it. No matter what it looks like, the key ingredients are in there and it will work.

You can substitute Castile bar soap or any mild bar soap in place of the Ivory.