For years Heather Steinkopf has asked her daughter, 18-year-old Kaelyn, to send selfies of where she claims to be located.

It's a mother daughter connection the two say works for them and gives mom peace of mind.

About a month ago, Kaelyn was at a bonfire with friends, even though she told mom she'd be somewhere else. So the next time Kaelyn went out, Heather asked her to prove her whereabouts with selfies.

Kaelyn complied, but then mom asked for pictures with specific details. After the third picture, Heather gave her daughter a pass and told her she loved her.

Kaelyn thinks the exchanges are funny and she understands her mom's need to know where she is. But when Kaelyn posted the exchange on Twitter, she never thought her post would start to go viral.

It was picked up by Social media outlets and shared. A London radio station called to interview Kaelyn and the Today Show called too.

Some thought the tactic too controlling, but Heather says it's something her daughter agreed to do for her. She has five kids and Kaelyn is the only one who sends back the selfies.