Actress Monica Potter is back home in Cleveland. Literally.

Monica and her family are renovating her Collinwood childhood home in her new HGTV series "Welcome Back Potter."

The Brokaw Family sold their Collinwood home in 1987.

The home Monica Potter, then, Monica Brokaw grew up in, ended up abandoned.

"I couldn't let it go. This is our home. This is our heart. We didn't want to see it torn down. Finally after 30 years it was back in the family,” says Potter about purchasing her childhood home.

The journey into the rehab of the Brokaw home is documented in “Welcome Back Potter”.

So much of what's old is new again, like the table they rehabbed for mom.

"She was like, I didn't want that table. I hated that table. Your dad liked the table," says Potter with the humor that is so typical of the whole family.

On Tuesday, the home worthy of a magazine layout, was full of old neighborhood friends and multiple generations of the Irish Catholic Brokaw family from Collinwood.

"My sister Monica, I could tell you so many stories of how hard she has fought to get to where she is at," Monica’s sister, Jessica Brokaw says through sentimental tears.

Those Cleveland roots, resurrected by Potter in this home that love built.

"I tried to hold onto 80 percent of everything and my sisters were like, You're like Fred Sanford!” said Potter.

There’s nothing greater than family, the Brokaws kept echoing, especially rooted in a city on the rise.

"Yeah the rebirth, the resurgence, revitalization all of those words I love because it's palpable here right now," said Potter who’s setting the tone for reinvestiment in Collinwood.

"And we're not done. Cleveland is not done. The movement I want to do is bring jobs home," said Potter

She’s already doing that with her two area Monica Potter Home Stores and she promises more jobs on the way.

"Especially in North Collinwood and I have some plans up my sleeve," says Potter.

In the North Collinwood home rooted in family and resurrected out of a labor of love, comes this life lesson.

“My dad was here one day and the next he wasn't so it’s like enjoy everyone in your family. Love each other. Love the city of Cleveland and go Tribe!”, says Potter with a thumbs up.