Back in March, Joshua Friesner took his dog Cora outside for a walk.

She smelled something and bolted, and that was it. Cora was gone.

For months Friesner searched for her -- even going so far as to spend hundreds of dollars to hire a pet detective.

Not once did he give up hope he'd be reunited with his best friend.

Last week, he got the news he'd been waiting for -- after seven long months, Cora had been found.

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Cora was so excited when she was reunited with her long-lost human.

But how did Josh feel when he first saw his dog nearly seven months to the day after she ran off?

"When I first saw her honestly I was like 'dang you got fat! Where have you been?' Because I lost her at 38 pounds and she came back at 54 pounds," Friesner said. "So that was my first reaction but then it like, I don't know, just a rush of enjoyment and happiness."

Cora somehow gained a whopping 16 pounds while she was on the lam. We think that cute face landed her lots of leftovers, or someone took her in for awhile.

Friesner credits getting her micro-chipped with being crucial to their reunion.