The city of Lakewood has had its breed specific legislation, or BSL, for almost 10 years, banning animals that look like pit bulls or those classified as vicious.

On Wednesday, though, a local woman will challenge that ordinance.

Jennifer Scott has had Charlie, a dog that resembles a pit bull, for months. She was even given permission to have him by city officials when she chose to adopt him.

Even after going through the proper channels four months ago, Charlie ran away from home and the Lakewood animal warden told her she would have to have a hearing in order to keep him, strictly because of his breed.

Now, “I’m with Charlie” has turned into a movement for residents and even some city officials.

Scott’s hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 3 p.m. at City Hall, where she said she'll have to make one of three decisions.

“If they tell me to get rid of my dog, then I’ll have three choices: relinquish my dog and that’s not even an option… other option would be to put my house on the market… my third option would be to file a lawsuit,” Scott said.

A peaceful, dog-free protest is scheduled for 2 p.m.

Lakewood is one of about 100 other cities in Ohio that classify pit bulls as vicious and enact a ban against them.

What are your thoughts on the BSL?