A Lakewood woman is taking legal action against the city over her pit bull.

Last week, the city of Lakewood ruled that Jennifer Scott's dog Charlie cannot stay in the city limits. Scott purchased Charlie from a local shelter about four months ago, with the city’s written approval. When Charlie ran away recently, Scott was reported and told she would have to have a hearing with the city to keep her pet.

Scott pleaded her case to animal control officers and city officials in the hopes of getting approval once again to keep her dog at her home.

Now, she's moving forward with a lawsuit and appeal to reverse the ruling and abolish the breed ban.

"I'm non-confrontational," Scott told WKYC Channel 3's Dorsena Drakeford. "I don't like a fight, but when I'm backed into a corner and I'm forced to come out swinging, then I'm going to come out swinging and that's what I'm doing."

In 2008, Lakewood imposed a ban on what it calls vicious dogs, including those that resemble pit bulls like Charlie. Scott's lawsuit claims that Lakewood's breed ban is in violation of state law.