They're calling it the Black Friday of the summer, Amazon Prime day happened Tuesday.

One relatively new way to get your packages without worrying that someone will take them off your front porch, is with these Amazon lockers.

The Amazon Lockers are used as the shipping destination for your package.

Users simply have to add the address in their Amazon address book.

During checkout, the users select the locker as the shipping address.

Once the package arrives, Amazon emails a unique 6 digit code. Once you arrive, all you have to do is enter the unique six-digit code on the Locker’s touchscreen and door opens. Then you can remove your package.

Amazon representatives at a manned locker location located at 2020 Euclid in downtown Cleveland, showed us how a bar code could also be used to open the locker associated with the bar code.

Reps on site say it folks can be in and out in 30 seconds, it’s that fast.

Reps also say packages can be received in 24 hours using the lockers and we found customers who did get their packages in less than that time.

Amazon says as of around 6 PM Eastern standard time, Prime members bought hundreds of thousands of headphones worldwide.

Prime members in the U.S. are ordering more than 6000 deals every minute.