A Germany-based grocery store is eyeing Ohio for one of its newest locations.

We’ve already got Aldi, Giant Eagle, Marc’s and Heinen’s and they’re all ready to take your money in exchange for precious groceries.

"It's never a bad thing to give the citizens easier access to what they need,” Cameron Ijames, Cleveland shopper, said.

"It's a free market,” Alexis Moore, shopper, said. “There should definitely always be more competition."

There might be actually be a new sheriff in town at some point.

Just this summer, Lidl opened a new store in Virginia and it’s apparently a big hit there.

The chain has meats, fresh produce and maybe clothes for your shopping pleasure.

Some have even called it similar to Aldi because the prices are so low and owners focus on store label brands, not necessarily name brands.

Here in Northeast Ohio, we might have to wait to the store appear since they’re busy building locations in North Carolina and South Carolina.

A spokesperson for the company said they’re scouting locations in Ohio, too, which means we might be next on the list.

“I don't know it's kind of flooded here,” Andrew Foerst, Cleveland resident, said.

"If they were more focused on areas where there are food deserts, it would be a lot better but I doubt they're going to put them there,” Josh Foerst, shopper, said.

By next summer, Lidl hopes to have 100 locations on the East Coast.