Teen fashion retailer Rue21 is making it hard to figure out which of its stores are closing. 

The chain plans to close up to 400 stores, the Associated Press reports, out of 1,218 in 48 states.

"It’s true – we are closing some stores,'' Rue21 tweeted to followers over the weekend. "It was a difficult but necessary decision."

The chain marked "closing store" on many of the locatiions in its online index, but on Tuesday afternoon, the designations disappeared. Could the chain have changed its mind about the closures? Officials didn't offer comment on why they would tell patrons a store was closing, then later remove the designation.

WKYC reached out to Rue21 and a spokesperson for the company issued the following statement:

"As part of our ongoing business transformation into a more cost efficient operator, we are closing unprofitable stores across our fleet in order to focus on our many hundreds of highly profitable locations. The exact number and timing of these closings will be determined in the coming weeks.”

WKYC inquired on a list of Ohio stores that will close, but the spokesperson would not comment.