Some transgender people are not okay with the president's new ban.

On Wednesday, the president tweeted that transgender people will no longer be able to serve in the military "in any capacity."

For Giovonni Santiago, it especially hit home. He is a veteran and a transgender male.

For almost four years, he served his country. Now, he's trying to serve the community by fighting for the same rights he once had.

"You work so hard for things and President Obama did this great thing and now Trump is now saying, 'that's not gonna work,' out of spite I think," Santiago said.

A series of tweets by the president called transgender soldiers a "burden" and "disruption" to the fight for victory, also stating that "tremendous" medical costs are an issue.

"The military does not do any medical surgeries [gender reassignment] anyway, so that was something that was wrong," Santiago said. "They provide pre and post operative care, your hormones."

On social media, many people weighed in in agreement with the ban.

Ryan Clopton-Zymler with the LGBT Community Center said this only accelerates their effort to support the community.

"It's more than just about partisan and politics, we're talking about real people," Clopton-Zymler said. "The LGBT community are veterans, they are people who are interested in serving in the military."