As fall’s chill settles in, it’s time to bust out the extra blankets, dust off the heavier coats and make sure the furnace is ready to roll.

But when do you turn on the heat for the first time? What temperature do you set the house at? These issues can become great debates in any home.

Sal Sidoti of Sal’s Heating and Cooling in North Royalton says now is the time to crank the heat and assure that all is working appropriately.

"You want to fire it up long before it gets cold outside. Don't play the game. It's not a game. It's going to get cold. It's going to snow," said Sal.

He says if you wait until it’s too cold, you could be left freezing and waiting for a repair.

What about automatic settings for your home? Sidoti suggests choosing the temperature that’s right for you and leaving it alone.

“Your furnace is going to run a long time to get back to that 72 degree temperature,” he said. “Your furniture will drop in temperature, your wood work, your walls and those take a while to get back to 72 degrees.” suggests the ideal temperature for cooler months is 68 degrees while you’re at home -- and even a tad lower when you’re away to help conserve energy costs.

Do you think that’s too cold? Too warm? Just right?

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