Gas station bathrooms taking care of business

If you're on the road and have to use a restroom, what do you do?

Sixty-four percent of people in a Gas Buddy study said finding a bathroom was one of their biggest fears. Nearly 70 percent said they wouldn't even consider the bathrooms in those gas station convenience stores.

But with all competition these days, these stores are trying to differentiate themselves by cleaning up their act, if you will. They're trying to make their restrooms kinder, gentler places.

Based on ratings submitted by GasBuddy users, QuikTrip had the best restrooms in nine states, the most of any brand. They’re mostly found in Georgia and Arizona.

Chevron came in second, followed by Sheetz and Wawa, which is on the east coast.

Here in Ohio, the number one rated bathrooms were found in Sheetz.

CVS making customers clean up their acts

While gas stations are stepping up their game, CVS wants its customers to do the same when it comes to their health.

Three years ago, the brand removed tobacco products.

Just last month, it decided to stop selling tanning oils or sunscreens with an SPF less than 15, because it’s said they do little to nothing to prevent skin cancer.

Foods containing trans fats are next, with the chain removing them a year before a nationwide ban is set to take effect.

CVS is also changing where they display their snacks.

Pretzels, nuts, and dried fruit will go where the candy and cookies were. Candy and cookies will be moved to the middle aisles.