Aside from cash to help them pay of their ridiculous student loans, what could you get a grad that won't break your bank? Here are some suggestions that are all under a hundred bucks…some for a lot less than that. And I checked with the youngins’ in the office to see what they liked.

A subscription to Netflix was a big hit. Basic plans are only eight dollars a month. You can give a grad a six month subscription for $36 or a full year for $72.

Wireless Headphones
Whether you're working out or working on your computer, no one wants to deal with cords. And since many grads are likely shacking up with roommates, this keeps them from bothering each other. According to CNET, you can get a decent pair like Skull Candy for as low as $40.

Mobile Charger
Most of us are tethered to our phones...because of our office or our personal life. So a dead phone is a nightmare. Take these chargers with you for added protection. You can get one like the My Charge Amp Mini for as little as $20.

If you don't like any of’s a link to 34 other suggestions:

And while we're talking phones, here’s another gift you could give a grad, or yourself, for $10 a month. Can you believe I'm talking about a cell phone plan?

They're called Mobile Virtual Network Operators and they're so cheap because they piggyback on the four major networks and use their cell towers.

They're prepaid plans so there are no monthly surprises.
You can build you own plan. Perhaps you want more talk time and less data.
And I'm told they have pretty good 24/7 customer service.

These plans are also very good for people who don't do a lot of Tweeting or Facebooking…like Jimmy 

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