Debt and Credit Cards.

Apparently Americans have been spending like crazy. Household debt rose $149 billion dollars just since the end of 2016. And the one thing you should never ever to do to pay it off, is take a cash advance on your credit card. It's worse than getting a Payday Loan.

First, they have crazy high interest Rates. More than 23% on average.

They have no grace period, which means you start accruing interest from the jump.

You also get charged fees for every advance, between 10-15%

Delta & Lyft Join Forces:

The best way to use your credit card is for rewards. And Delta Airlines is partnering with Lyft for its new program.

Every time you call for a ride, you get miles. One mile for every dollar spent. And to further sweeten the pot, through the end of August, Lyft is tripling the miles when you us them to go to or from the airport

Prescription Drugs from Amazon?

Amazon customers could be in for a great deal as well. CNBC is reporting the company might get into the prescription drug business to compete with the big names like Walgreens and CVS. And with their huge buying power...that means lower prices for us.

And speaking of prescription drug prices...I'm doing a story next Wednesday about the pricing tricks pharmacies play and how to get around them.