CLEVELAND -- One of the biggest expenses for families of young children is child care.

We break down the costs and compare prices city by city.

According to, 32 percent of families spend 20 percent of their household income on day care, nannies and babysitters.

On average, across the nation, families spend $565 on a nanny each week.

After-school sitters get paid about $232 and child care centers average $211 a week.

Breaking it down closer to home, the average babysitter in Cleveland makes $14 an hour and the average in Akron and Canton is $13.50.

So how can you save?

If your employer offers it, open a dependent care flexible account. Some families can save thousands of dollars each year because that money is pre-taxed.

When it comes to date-night sitters, how much you pay depends on if it's a neighbor or a teenager watching.