CLEVELAND -- When Dae’Bria Vaughn attended John Adams High School in Cleveland, she didn't think college was in her future.

“I didn't have the motivation to actually go to college at all. I didn't have a plan for when I graduated,” she said.

In fact she didn’t even consider college until she ran into two advisors from CollegeNow of Greater Cleveland at her high school.

“He kind of talked to me. He saw my transcripts and what I'd been through throughout my high school career. And how much progression I made,” said Vaughn.

This meeting changed her outlook on college as an option. She now had hope for what she thought was impossible.

College Now has advisors in schools and community based organizations across Northeast Ohio.

“Our hope is that we work with students early enough so that they can start the process of planning to go off to post-secondary,” said Dr. Michele Scott Taylor who serves as Chief Program Officer for CollegeNow of Greater Cleveland.

CollegeNow is able to help those of all ages. In fact, more than 27,000 people get help at schools where CollegeNow staffers are working and the CollegeNow Resource Center in Tower City in Downtown Cleveland.

They'll help you better understand the college application process, put you in touch with a mentor, and they payout $3.2 million dollars a year in scholarships.

Dr Taylor added, “we help build relationships with students and adults so that they realize college can happen. It is attainable. It just takes a lot of planning to be quite honest.”

That was all it took to help Dae’Bria.

She said of CollegeNow, “they were just there. I had somebody to talk to as far as my college decisions go. Because when it comes to making decisions, I can't do it by myself.”

For more information on CollegeNow, visit the group's website.