Whether you’re looking to get into manufacturing as a CNC Machinist, find work as an IT specialist, or maybe looking for a way to get into the medical field. There are resources there to help you find a career and the education necessary to get there. In partnership with the Cleveland Foundation, WKYC has taken many of those resources and put them in one place so that they’re easy for you to find.

Ready to get started? Go to WKYC.com/PossibleU.

Whether you’re new to the workforce, feeling stuck in your job, or just want to start over with something new -- there are clearly defined sections to help you figure out how to get started. Once you click one of those sections, you’ll see links to dozens of resources.

Back on the Possible U homepage, you’ll also see links that highlight some of the success stories and information about the programs that are out there to help you, such as United ways First call for help and camps for students interested in manufacturing.

And we know you don’t always sit in front of your computer… all this information is readily accessible to you on the go. Just download the WKYC app, scroll down and find the tile dedicated to Possible U. There you’ll find all of the same information, in the palm of your hand.

What are you waiting for? If you're ready to secure your future and make your dreams come true, head over to www.wkyc.com/PossibleU right now!